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GPS Tracker: Personal track, Motor, Taxi, Container, Truck, Ship.

CCTV cameras / Central Monitoring Systems / Electronic Card system etc.

Our Philosophy
Our philosophy is simple – prevention of crime. Our officers are well - groomed in the arts of preventive security, which is by far less expensive than curative measures.

7YHPS Solution Group Ltd, today provides a comprehensive and integrated range of services to meet the needs of establishments both in private and public sectors such as:

Protection Services 

  • Guarding Services
  • GPS Motoring Service
  • Camera Maintenance service
  • Security Consulting.
  • Law and Business Consultancy
  • Lawyer service and Public Affairs
  • Land and Building Rental

The advantage to contract security is that 7YHPS provides irregular inspections of the guard locations, all reserve guard for replacement, management & supervision of the guard force, as well as the uniforms, training & retrain and all days night patrolling.

  • Responsible for hiring & firing
  • 7YHPS does the training
  • Administers & randomly reviews all operations
  • Works closely with police & emergency service groups
  • Replace inefficient staff immediately at no additional costs

Financial Benefits:

  • No uniform expenses
  • No extra holiday pay
  • No provident fund
  • No severance pay
  • No overtime pay
  • No medical expenses

7YHPS personnel employed by Factory, Hotel, Office, Residence, Bank, Construction Site, Trade Fair etc... Our role is to provide adequate security for personnel of Clients' premises 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our officers are taught to exhibit high-level discipline without necessarily compromising efficiency and professionalism. Our men maintain high visibility, which prevents the commission of crime and at the same time protects the staff. It is a well-known fact that high visibility is a deterrent to would be criminals.

  • Professional staff selection
  • Professional staff screening
  • Can change or cancel service at short notice without penalties
  • Special cases can increase-decrease staff with a simple phone call.
  • No collision with own company's employees.
  • Can rotate guard on regularly basis to avoid familiarity with client staff.

 Day and night inspection, free





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